Gorilla trekking or tracking; this is the main highlight of Uganda adventure safaris. It’s also the main reason why people travel from their home countries to Rwanda, DR Congo, and Uganda.

Mountain Gorilla tours
Mountain Gorilla tours

You engage in gorilla tracking for one hour as you take pictures and observing their way of life within the forest, the gorilla silverback taking care of its family.

These mountain gorillas share their 95% of their DNA with that of the humans, which makes them a must-see attraction on any Africa Tour. You can see the gorillas of Africa, in Virunga National Park, Bwindi and Volcanoes National Park.

This adventure activity does not only involve nature walks within the rainforest wilderness but also sitting and observing these rare mountain gorillas as they carry out their day to day activities.

This is somehow a tiring activity since it involves walking into steep moist and muddy rain forests of Bwindi impenetrable forest (thicker than the common bush), however, when you come eye to eye with these primates, it challenging experience becomes an adventure to remember.

gorilla tours

This safari adventure activity also requires good behavior and respect for the environment since this helps with the forest conservation.
This is a thrilling experience for any guests who come for Uganda safaris and Rwanda luxury safari.

Tracking these primates in the Virunga gives them a chance to survive since they get to be conserved through the incomes collected from the gorilla permits sold.

There are just 1006 of these individuals remaining in the whole world and Bwindi impenetrable National parks harbors 440 individuals.

Uganda Mountain Gorilla
Mountain gorilla

Conservation of these primates was mainly done by Dian Fossey who was a great primatologist and gave in her time to care for the mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

The Dian Fossey Foundation has also done great work of conserving these species and encouraging the participation of the local people in the conserve

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