Gorilla families in Rwanda

Gorilla Families In Rwanda – Volcanoes National Park

Gorilla trekking is the most done activity in volcanoes national park attracting roughly 80 people, on a daily basis to have a face-to-face interaction with the endangered gorillas. Volcanoes national park has a total of 10 gorilla groups, which have been habituated, for trekking each of which is allocated to a maximum of eight people for an hour. The experience of trekking each of the gorilla groups is different from the other in terms of size, history, and location. Below are gorilla groups in Rwanda

Sabyinyo Family
This is situated in the gentle slopes of Sabyinyo Mountain after which the gorilla family was named comprising of 13members led by Guhonda as the dominant silverback.

Amahoro family.
The group comprises of 18 members including two silverbacks. It is the most peaceful name as its name suggests and has proved peaceful living over time. The group lives on the slopes of Mount karisimbi, which make it’s trekking a bit tiresome but the experience is memorable. The family is led by Ubumwe as a dominant silverback.

Led by the Charles, the dominant silverback, Umubano was the formerly part of the Amahoro group, which broke up after disagreements between Charles and Ubumwe. However, the two families live in peace and they sometimes meet but separate at the end of the day but n a peaceful way.

Titus Family
This was the first group that was habituated in the days of Dian Fossey hence having a great history. Poachers threatened the expansion of the family since most family members were killed for meat. Titus is the dominant silverback who leads the entire family.

Susa family
This is the largest family with roughly 38 members and is named after river Susa that originates from the Virunga volcanoes. This group has the oldest gorilla that was born in 1976.

Karisimbi group (Susa B)
This family was formed in 2008 after splitting from Susa family to become independent. It is also known as susa B consisting of 16 members including 2 silverbacks. Karisimbi family inhabits the upper slopes of mount karisimbi at an altitude of4507m, which makes it so strenuous to trek.

Bwenge Family
The family is led by Bwenge silverback consisting of 11 members. The family was opened up to trekkers in 2007 residing in the slopes of Mount karisimbi. After the early days of its formation, Bwenge family lost over 6 member groups which affected its expansion but has now stabilized and expanding day by day.

Hirwa group.
The family was habituated in 2006 and its name means “Lucky One”. The group has 16 members who joined from other families. The family was blessed with a set of twins in 201 which surely prove that it’s indeed a lucky one. Trekking this gorilla family comes along with hiking to foothills of Mt Gahinga and Mt Sabyinyo.

Agashya Family.
The family has 27 members led by Agashya the dominant silverback who took over power from Nyakarima the former silverback. Agashya means news and the family lives in the forested saddle between Sabyinyo and Mount Gahinga.

Kwitonda group.
Residing in the slopes of Mt Muhabura, Kwitonda family is led by Kwitonda and the family formerly lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo before it migrated to Rwanda. Kwitonda is a Kinyarwanda word meaning the “the humble one”.
Choose the gorilla family of your choice and enjoy a memorable gorilla trekking experience.

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