Chimpanzee tracking sites in Uganda 

Deciding on the best chimpanzee trekking and habituation destination in Africa, Uganda is good in all primate safaris aspects since one can enjoy chimpanzee habituation where you can spend the all day with chimpanzees, chimpanzee trekking where you can spend 1 hour with chimpanzees in their natural home and also enjoy the viewing on both land and at the island. The shortest chimpanzee trekking tour in Uganda goes for 2 days while viewing needs just one day.

Kibale Forest National Park

Contains one of the highest concentration of primates in Africa and home to several primate species though chimpanzees are the prime, Kibale also protected a large block of the forested reserve where primates roam and move freely under conservation. Find this park in Fort portal just three hours’ drive from Kampala Uganda’s capital city. This is Uganda’s great chimpanzee ground for Habituation and trekking chimpanzees in their natural home. You will see chimpanzees and also keep your eyes out for other forest primate species, birds, mammals and much more. However, Chimpanzee habituation requires waking up quite early to start the day with chimpanzees, with packed lunch and return in the evening as the chimps retire for the day.

Kyambura Gorge & Kalinzu Forest Reserve

The above chimpanzee trekking grounds are found in Queen Elizabeth National Park a famous wildlife paradise that lies close to Bwindi Forest national park the best gorilla trekking destination in Africa. Chimpanzee trekking tours here are too exception because a lot can be spotted and enjoyed including the loveliest wildlife, Mammals and birds on the afternoon boat cruise at the Kazinga channel. Would recommend a 3 days wildlife safari to Queen Elizabeth that involves trekking chimpanzees in either Kyambura gorge or Kalinzu. For sure no tourists can track chimpanzees here and fail to explore the other park wonders.

Budongo Forest

This is the only chimpanzee trekking ground in Murchison falls national Park another biggest wildlife reserve in Uganda that famed to the world for having the most wonderful mighty fall where rocks and waters fight an endless war each minute. Still, if you to track chimpanzees in Budongo forest, better to head out for a 3 days wildlife safari and explore the other park attractions ending your trip with chimpanzee trekking before driving back to Kampala. It’s a good option for water and wildlife lovers since it offers a variety including the Big five. For those well-motivated travellers, Murchison falls is good safari destination for families, couples, solo and group travellers.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC)

For those planning to view chimpanzees in orphanage homes, UWEC is a great place to view chimpanzees any time of the day and one of the most recognized conservation institutes in Africa. The Centre supports all kinds of wildlife, primates, birds and a trip here is special for family weekend trips, couples and group travel. Apart from chimpanzees, you will see lions, Rhinos, elephants, parrots, peacock, shoebills stock, Baboons, Elands, Giraffe, warthog, Otter among others.  The best time to visit is morning and afternoon and explores the entire zoo all day.

Ngamba Island What a great sanctuary for viewing and feeding chimpanzees in Uganda. Tourists have the opportunity to have a morning forest walk with Juvenile chimpanzees, feed and also view them at a particular platform. Guests have direct contact with primates the reason for one to be immunized so that the primates can remain safe and sound. Forest walks last for one hour with a maximum of 4 people, while the viewing starts at 1 pm time for chimps to feed. Find this sanctuary on the island a few kilometres from Entebbe and it’s accessed by boat that leaves Entebbe every morning and returns in the afternoon.


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