Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda

Chimpanzee tracking tours in Uganda
Chimpanzee trekking is an exciting activity which provides a unique experience to guests. It’s also a very magical and exciting! See over 4950 chimpanzees remaining in the wild and some of these are being conserved in the zoo, others in the forests and others in the sanctuaries. It’s always an exceptional experience meeting these chimps eye to eye, you can spend time with them and observe them as they feed, care for their young ones and also climb from tree to tree. These can be trekked in Kibale National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kyambura Gorge in Maramagambo Forest and in Budongo Forest inMurchison falls national Park. Chimpanzee habituation can also be done from Ngamba Island Sanctuary located on Lake Victoria.
Kibale forest national park harbors the most number of Chimpanzees and it has over 13 different primate species including; chimpanzees, monkeys including; La Hoest’s monkeys, vervet monkeys, and red tailed Colobus monkeys. Chimpanzee habituation can also be done and sets out every morning to specifically observe and study the general behavior of chimps with the main aim of making them used to human presence. Guests on Uganda tours can also opt to track these chimpanzees from Queen Elizabeth National Park within Kyambura Gorge and also in Budongo and Rwambongo Forest Reserve within Murchison Falls National Park

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