Bwenge gorilla group

In 2007 when Bwenge – A leader of Bwenge gorilla group left his Natal family and joined by another female group, they formed the Bwenge Gorilla Group.

The group roams the foothills of Mount Bisoke and Mount Karisimbi. This is apparently one of the most popular groups in Volcanoes National Park because some of its members featured in the 1988 ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ blockbuster that was filmed by Dian Fossey.

Bwenge Gorilla Family apparently has 11 members and one silverback. The group faced a very hard time when 6 of its infants died in an incident that turned out to be a very terrible horror for the whole family. Bwenge is a Kinyarwanda word that translates to ‘Wisdom’.

Most of the Rwanda gorilla families are unique and each has things that characterize them. You need to read about the each of the gorilla family and know which one you can track and which will be favorable for you. Remember the gorillas in Rwanda can be only tracked at Volcanoes National Park and the rules and regulations apply.

Are you someone with great wisdom? If so, then you have a lot that you share in common with this particular group. It will definitely be a great experience to meet up with Bwenge, a Silverback who is popularly known for his great wisdom.

Trekking this family is a bit hard and you will need to do some bit of hiking hence, you ought to be at your best physical state. Before you trek, you will attend a 30 minutes pre-briefing meeting that should enlighten you on whatever information you ought to know about Mountain Gorilla trekking.

It is from here that you will also be allocated into respective groups. The rangers usually move ahead of you to locate the gorillas and then communicate with your rangers to guide them on the right path. This way, you will spend less hours trekking.

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