Amahoro Gorilla Family

“Amahoro” is a word to mean peace in Kinyarwanda. Amahoro is therefore a peaceful family and those that have managed to track this group will definitely testify that indeed all members are very peaceful. This Family is led by a silverback called “Ubumwe” which means togetherness.

This group inhabits the slopes of Mount Bisoke. It established its home there but can move up the mountain occasionally hence, making it hard to track them.

Ubumwe’s humble character has long caused him to lose members to other groups especially in scenarios when other Silverbacks try to challenge you. In fact, if one is looking for a gorilla family that likes peace and togetherness, then it has to be Amahoro mountain Gorilla family.

Amahoro gorilla family has 17 individuals including Ubumwe the head Silverback, two black backs, five juvenile gorillas, five adult females, and four young gorillas. The numbers keep on changing depending on migrations, births, till deaths.

This Gorilla family is difficult to track as the hike is long, although the experience is rewarding for those that have tracked it as due to their togetherness and peacefulness they are the best to observe. This is also one of the safest Mountain Gorilla families to track as these primates hardly get emotional.

If you are humble in real life and like to always stay away from trouble even when offended then trekking this family in particular will feel like you have a lot in common. So many people book gorilla tracking trips but hardly take time to analyze the characters of these groups. Trekking a group that has something in common with you will make your trek much more interesting.

Please note that a maximum of 8 people only allowed to trek a Mountain Gorilla family and these permits are sold to first come first serve basis. To be on a safer side, endeavor to book your permit several months in advance through a Rwanda tour and travel operator.

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