Agashya Gorilla Family

Also known as Group 13 (thirteen), the Agashya gorilla family is easy to identify by number and so the name. Currently, the group has about 25 members with one silverback, 12 females, 7 babies, and 3 juveniles. They enjoy the green vegetation of the PNV.

The group 13 name came about because of the initial 13 members who started the group at the time of their habituation. The Group 13 was initially under the dominance of Nyakairima before Agashya took over from him. When Agashya took over the group, the name of the group had to change to “Agashya” as well. However, Group 13 remains its alternate name. The word “Agashya” means “News” in native Kinyarwanda.

On several occasions Agashya assessed the credibility of Nyakairima before winning the much contested battle and taking over the leadership of the group. Nyakairima is credited for increasing the size of the family from 12 to 25.

Agashya is so security conscious and will alas take the group up on the raise landscape in case he feels threatened and at times they are even worried of some trekkers.

This groups stays no further from Sabyinyo Gorilla Group. They both inhabit the slopes of Mount Sabyinyo – One of the greatest pieces of the great Virunga Volcanoes.

Are you protective and security conscious in character? If so, you have to reserve your permits for this Mountain Gorilla group because you have a lot in common.

Please note that only a maximum of 8 individuals who are at least 15 years of age are allowed to trek gorillas. The trek usually lasts between 2 – 8 hours depending on how difficult it gets to access these gorillas, also basing on their previous day movements. This time is inclusive of a full hour encounter with these gentle giants in their natural habitats, a perfect opportunity for you to photograph the awesome moments, bond with them and watch them go through their day to day life.

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